Karuna Action

Karuna Action LogoKaruna Action was known by the name of Kingscare until very recently. Kingscare was formed in 1988 with a vision to meet the needs of the poor and eradicate poverty. This began by partnering with local churches in Sri Lanka. Since then we have grown and have partners in many countries across the globe. We have supported hundreds of projects in 19 countries.

We operate by partnering with people and churches around the world that have a desire to personally connect with the poor. Our partnerships are a two-way relationship, functioning from biblical foundations, which is why most of the projects we support continue for many years. We are not about the quick fix. We are here to see poverty eradicated through sustainable, relational projects that change lives and transform communities.

We currently operate in Albania, Congo, India, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Projects include Schools, Educational Sponsorship, Street Kids, Mobile Clinics, Cleft Palate Operations, Trauma Counseling and Self Help projects (Supplying cows, goats,  sewing machines, chicks to families).

George Dowdell was the founder of Kingscare and was the director until 2012 when he handed  over to Simon and Jessica Hannington. At the same time we changed the name to Karuna Action. George is now a trustee and still acts as an advisor to Simon and Jess and concentrates on raising awareness on extreme poverty and the injustice involved.

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