The Justice Conference

Justice conferenceI am extremely excited to be going to the Justice Conference in Los Angeles, California, at the end of this week. (Feb 21-22 2014).

The are expecting up to 8000 people and I am sure it will be an amazing event. I am expecting to be inspired by what I hear and experience. So watch out, and expect exiting and relevant blog articles in the future.

Here is a short taster video. Please watch it and be inspired too.


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  1. “Justice – kingdom of God Justice – is not about the offended being repaid, NO! It is about the offender being healed and restored.” – me

    I find that even organic church DOES NOT DO JUSTICE.

    Jesus said we are to be a good shepherd that goes after the one lost sheep. We are to pastor one another. he then explained how to do this. if your brother does you wrong go and speak with him.

    If he will not hear you then bring in one or two others – perhaps you are wrong.

    I cannot find two others. I have at times found two others and the person did repent for a time. I then asked for another meeting and they refuse the second. Yet Jesus said we need to be willing to do this 490 times in a day.

    Jesus made the point to say he is in our midst when we do this. this is the a very important work.

    They are lawless and do not love their brother.

    “Those that I love I rebuke, and train” – Jesus


    • Brian I am talking about justice for the oppressed, the poor of this world not about relationships within the Chuch with brothers we love and want complete in Christ. I hope that the issue you have is resolved and that relationships are restored.


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