Faith in human nature

An incredible thing happened to me the other day which restored my faith in human nature.

I went for a walk with my wife, son, daughter-in law and one of my grandsons. We walked from Tilford along some very muddy paths. We came out to a main road about a mile from the cars and because I was worn out and had walked far enough I sat on a road sign and waited while the others walked back to collect the cars.

So there was I, perched on the sign of “Sheephatch Lane” in the middle of nowhere and no doubt looking a little lost. Suddenly a young(ish) lady stopped her car and asked me if I was ok! I said that someone was just coming to pick me up but I told her how much I appreciated her stopping to ask. She had obviously passed me once but turned back to see if she could help because she then turned round again and continued her original journey.

What a star! She was alone in the car. Regardless of the possible risk she was willing to help. I suppose with my stick I didn’t appear too threatening!

The incident reminded me of the story Jesus told about the Good Samaritan who helped a fellow traveller and demonstrated what it means to love his neighbour. The lady who stopped her car demonstrated the same love for a stranger. Nothing romantic or sentimental about this love but simply counting a fellow human as important and looking after my interests.

I am under no illusions, human nature can be extremely cruel when people only look after their own interests. But people can be incredibly kind when they stop just looking after number one.

We surely should not be surprised, God made us in his own image, and the nature of God is love.  Regardless of what this woman believed, or didn’t believe, consciously or not, she was following the way of Jesus, the Son of God, who gave his life for us human beings.

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