3000 Vietnamese child slaves in the United Kingdom!

Child slaves
Child slaves

Some 3,000 Vietnamese children are enslaved by criminal gangs in the UK to work in brutal conditions in the European country, a report says.

“By our calculations there are around 3,000 Vietnamese children in the UK who are being used for profit by criminal gangs,” said Philip Ishola, the former head of the UK’s Counter Human Trafficking Bureau, the Guardian reported on Saturday.

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Sold to a brothel owner

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Marikit’s story

Hello, my name is Marikit[1] and I used live on an Island in South East Asia. I am now 18 years old but my story started when I was just 14. My mum and my dad were always shouting at each other. This was because my father owed a lot of money to the local loan shark and this man was threatening them. I didn’t know that I was to be the solution to their money problems!
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Child sex slavery

not for saleThis is a very difficult subject for me to write about. When I started researching I was so sickened by what I read that I only intend to write a short article and leave you to do your own research.

Institutional slavery has been abolished in every country of the world. And yet slavery, in various forms, is still a blight upon the human race. Millions live in conditions of slavery, or near slavery. Many of these are children, and the worst form of slavery for those children is slavery in the sex trade. There are millions of children throughout the world who are treated as slaves and abused by their owners, by their customers and by society at large. Continue reading “Child sex slavery”

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