People give to people

Flour distribution in KenyaYears ago, soon after the formation of Kingscare (now known as Karuna Action), I attended a seminar which brought people together who represented Christian organisations working overseas. I can only remember one particular statement. It has stayed with me since.

“People give to people”.

  • People don’t give to my organisation.
  • People don’t┬ávoluntarily give to governments.
  • People don’t give to causes unless they benefit real people.
  • People don’t give to charities as such, they only do so if others will benefit.
  • People give to people.

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Justice (2) – Responsible International Lending

Whether we’re talking about countries or individuals, there are responsibilities on both sides when a loan is made.

  • The borrower has a responsibility to repay the loan.
  • The lender’s responsibility is to ensure that money is only lent when it is reasonable to assume that the money can be repaid.

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