How can I keep from singing?

SingersWhat is an article about singing doing on a blog dedicated to compassion and justice? I am very aware of the problems in the world created by poverty and injustice. But hey! Life isn’t all doom and gloom. Yes, I feel passionate about justice, but singing is a part of me. Singing helps keep me sane in a mad world.

The ills we see in the world around us are caused by the free wills that God has given to us humans. But he has given us so much more to enjoy. Beauty, colour and music are three gifts which, although we could function without them, add so much richness to our lives. Continue reading “How can I keep from singing?”

The beauty of the earth

Earth from Space

In a world full of so much suffering, it is easy to lose sight of the beauty all around us in this world we live in. Yes, there is the ugliness of poverty and injustice, but there is so much beauty to be thankful for as well.

Last week, Christine and I went to Yorkshire and visited the beautiful village of West Burton where I had lived, but only as a baby. My parents had moved north to a safe place, far away from the bombs and noise of the second world war, and I had been born there. Travelling in the Yorkshire Dales, the beauty of the hills and the valleys in between took our breath away.

Continue reading “The beauty of the earth”

For the beauty of the earth …


What a wonderful world we live in! God could have made us to see in black and white. We could still function but what a difference colour makes.

And what about music – how it enriches our lives!

And how could we live without love. Love from our families, love from our neighbours and love from God who wants the best for us. And we can love back!

What a Wonderful World

Earth from Space
Our Wonderful World from space

I am very aware that we live in a world full of suffering, hardship and poverty. Yet there is hope, there is room for optimism. We live in a truly wonderful world. I have a passion to eliminate poverty and so there is a tendency to be pessimistic about a world with almost insurmountable problems. And yet when I look at God’s creation and understand that He has a plan for this world, hope and optimism bubble up. I declare myself an optimist with dreams of a better future, but with my feet realistically standing in the present.¬† Continue reading “What a Wonderful World”

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