Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is around us

oak-treeThis blog article is a repeat from the my first article in March 2012. I was in Sri Lanka, and having time on my hand, started a blog. I have since published 161 articles, and have had 30,000 hits on my blog from around 150 countries.

Here is the original article, just tweaked a little.


The Kingdom of God is at hand

We look around us and see a world in great need, and we look forward to a day when the world reflects God’s nature. We ask,

Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven“.

The question is, “When is this going to be true in reality, and are we meant to wait passively for it?”

But the reality can be here and now. The kingdom of God is AT HAND. It is for now. It is among us. The complete fulfilment may be yet to come, but it has already started.

Like a Tree

It is like a tiny seed planted in the ground which grows and grows into a mighty tree. We can’t see it grow, but every day the tree becomes a little bit taller and a little bit stronger.

  • Every time we choose to love our enemies, it grows taller.
  • Every time we are wronged and refuse to seek revenge, the trunk gets stronger.
  • Every time we don’t call those who disagree with us “fools”, the roots grow deeper.
  • Every time we give to those in need, the branches reach out wider.
  • Every time we say no to fear and worry, the leaves grow thicker.

The world system is based on selfishness, fear, greed and violence. God’s rule is based on love, faith, justice and peace. But in the end love wins. Fear gives way to faith, justice triumphs over greed and war is replaced by peace.

Does God’s rule suddenly mushroom into existence or does it steadily grow, like that tree, till it covers the whole earth?

Jesus said that the kingdom of God was “at hand”. It is for now, not just some day when we die.

At a macro level God determines the timing but at a micro level we are responsible for cooperating with him to make the Kingdom of God grow in our time and bring it ever nearer to its ultimate destination.

Our dream coinciding with God’s dream

What a privilege, what vision, what fulfilment of all we’ve ever dreamed about! His creation willingly living and being what he had originally planned. Our dream coinciding with God’s dream.

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  1. I’d like to share a post I’ve written about the Kingdom of God – it’s something I’ve actually communicated with N.T. Wright about in personal emails. I’d like to hear what you all think of it:

    The Bible says that we should put it first in our lives (Matt. 6:33) and that we should be preaching it to others (Luke 9:2). We pray for God’s kingdom to come on a regular basis, but if someone were to ask us: “Please, explain to me exactly what the Kingdom of God is”, would we know what to say?

    Read more:


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