Is the church a Club?

Looking around we see that some churches are run primarily for the benefit of its members. Such churches are often indistinguishable from a club, with membership ‘fees’, committees and rules.

But Jesus Christ came to this world for the benefit of every single human being and to point the way to God. The Church which bears his name should also exist to serve the community and encourage people to a knowledge of God, their creator.

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The Inclusive Church

Christine and I recently visited a church in Manchester which describes itself as an inclusive church. It has set me thinking, and I really believe that Christian Churches should welcome anybody who comes to them and includes them at all levels regardless of race, gender, sexuality etc.

The church is not a club to be run for the benefit of its members, or those that ‘belong’. The church is there to serve the whole community in the name of Jesus Christ. Anybody and everybody should be welcome. It is not our job to say who is a true Christian and therefore can belong and become a part of ‘us’.

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