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I have decided that what I write in my blogs must firstly be honest to myself, honest to other people and honest to God. I realise that I may upset a few people and may be un-subscribed, un-followed or un-friended. I am going to say what I believe about the concept of hell in association with what I know about a God of love who gave his precious son, not to condemn the world, but to save us all (John 3:17).

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Jesus and Politics

or, “How would Jesus vote?”

With a general election looming in the United Kingdom I am asking the question, “How, as a follower of Jesus should I vote?”  Does Jesus give us any clue how we should act in a democratic age?  Jesus said a lot about how we should order our lives, but very little about how we should go about choosing a politician or political party to rule over us.  But if we want to be true to following Jesus we need to look carefully at his life and words and see if we can glean some clues.

  • What are the cultural differences between Jesus’ day and today?
  • Was Jesus a nationalist?
  • Was Jesus a socialist?
  • Did Jesus believe in a free market?
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Resurrection. Truth or Lie?

heisrisenFor centuries death has always been mankind’s final enemy. Frankly, we are all mortal and will, one day, die. But something within us rebels and says , “There must be more to it than that”. As a christian, and follower of Jesus Christ, I have a hope in a future resurrection. Is this hope well founded or is it just wishful thinking? I hope, in this article, to state why I can be so convinced that my hope in a future resurrection is based on the reality of what happened to the one I follow, Jesus Christ.

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Optimism and the Kingdom of God

sun-and-wheatMy last blog was about nationalism and racism and how the future is effected by them. When we look at the world we could be very gloomy.  But basically I am an optimist because I believe the ultimate future is what Jesus called the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus taught us to pray in what is called “The Lord’s Prayer”, he says we should pray:

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10 NIV)

When we use those words we are asking God to rule on the earth in the same way that his will is always done in heaven. In fact we are firstly asking God to rule in our own attitudes, words and actions. Then we are asking God to extend his rule over the whole of humanity. But the way God rules is very different from the way earthly dictators have power over the citizens of their country. [Read more…]

Jesus breaks religious rules

redXAs we live in an imperfect society we need some rules and laws to combat the worst forms of evil.  Religion has its own sets of rules, but Jesus showed us that if we follow his way, love transcends rules. He was born into a Jewish society which had built up a complex set of rules to moderate and control how people lived their everyday lives. We will see in this article how Jesus broke many of the rules and traditions that religion imposed. [Read more…]

Beyond Justice

Version 2If you have read any of my blog posts then you will know that I care deeply about justice for the powerless and for the voiceless of this world.  The principal of justice is very important, but we need to be very careful about how we apply justice.  How often have we heard people effected by crime cry out, “We want justice” when they really mean that they want revenge and to see perpetrators suffer.  This may be a natural response but as followers of Jesus we should not seek revenge and retaliation. [Read more…]


Vision refreshedFor thousands of years humans of all cultures and all races have acknowledged the inevitability of physical death but have refused to accept that this event is the end of personal existence.  Almost all religions and tribal mythologies have some concept of an afterlife.  Only recently have atheists and humanists rejected the idea that there is any other form of existence for us.  I suspect that the hardest problem with accepting an atheistic world view is giving up the hope of resurrection.

There is an old saying, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”.  In the natural world, life and death are fundamental to existence.  Jesus said,

“I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds”.

Our physical bodies consist of about 7*1027 atoms (that’s a 7 followed by 27 zeros!) or seven billion billion billion atoms.  These atoms do not really belong to us, they are constantly being replenished and eventually have to be given up to the ground, and then to produce other life.

But we are not just flesh and blood.  The real you, and the real me, is the breath that God breathed into us; what we call our spirits.  The hope and the certainty of resurrection is that even though our bodies die, our spirit can live on for ever.  Death, mankind’s oldest enemy, was defeated when Jesus as the Son of God, died a terrible death on the cross but three days later was resurrected, bringing hope to us all.  The Spirit of God, alive in Jesus, made it impossible for him to stay dead.  That same Spirit of God, alive in us, means that we too have the hope of resurrection (see Romans 8:11). [Read more…]

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