How ordinary people change the world

Crowd of peopleIn these days when ‘celebrities’ are revered it is tempting to think that it is only the big names like William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi¬†who have made any difference to our lives today. But these men could have done NOTHING without many thousands of ordinary people who shared their dreams.

In this article we will see from recent history how people like you and me can make a real difference. Continue reading “How ordinary people change the world”

Mahatma Gandhi – one of my Heroes

Mahatma GandhiGandhi is one of my heroes. I use the word “heroes” with caution. No one is perfect and we can be tempted to idolise. But there can be no doubt that Mahatma Gandhi was a remarkable man. People have written books about him, many films have been made about him including the well-known film directed by Richard Attenborough.

I will not attempt to retell the story but wish to explain why he is one of my heroes and to see what we can learn from him. Continue reading “Mahatma Gandhi – one of my Heroes”

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