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What a Wonderful World

I am very aware that we live in a world full of suffering, hardship and poverty. Yet there is hope, there is room for optimism. We live in a truly wonderful world. I have a passion to eliminate poverty and so there is a tendency to be pessimistic […]

Karuna Action University Student

Reducing poverty by Education

To eliminate extreme poverty there is no magic bullet. The causes of poverty are many, varied and interdependent. Education is a key to lifting people out of the cycle of extreme poverty and preventing one poor generation producing another poor generation. Of course, education alone is not enough. […]

A School in Kampala

It was a hot, humid day. We were standing in the headmistress’ office in a primary school in Uganda. She was explaining how many of the poor families who sent their children to the school would not be able to afford to send their children to secondary school. […]

The abolition of extreme poverty

Extreme poverty Extreme poverty exists when people lack the basic requirements for life. Lack of income means that the family suffer from malnutrition Lack of capital means there is no buffer when disaster strikes Lack of medicines to deal with preventable and curable diseases Lack of clean drinking […]

Modern Slavery

Slavery has existed throughout human history and still exists in the world today in various forms. Estimates of people living in slavery vary, but it is probably between 12 million and 27 million. But in most countries of the world, slavery is illegal. So how come it is […]

Causes and Results of Poverty

As we think about the causes of poverty we also need to think about the results, the effects and the symptoms of poverty. In many cases the result of poverty is to cause yet more poverty. So in practice it is difficult to distinguish between the causes and […]

Subdue the Earth

We live in an amazing world. A world of enormous potential. But we also live in a world full of dangers such as natural disasters and diseases. God’s first commandment to mankind was to multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. We will look at what it means […]

Fill the earth

God’s first commandment to the human race was to be fruitful, to multiply, to fill the earth, and to subdue (or have dominion over) the earth. We have certainly multiplied! But have we yet ‘filled the earth’? Have we gone too far? Have we multiplied too much? Is […]

A Fresh Vision

When I was in Sri Lanka in April this year, I had quite a lot of time to myself to prayfully consider my own future, and the future of Kingscare/karuna Action. I decided that it was the correct time to lay down my responsibility for running the charity […]