Freedom from Poverty

It is my contention that the whole world needs freedom from poverty. It is not just the desperately poor who need that freedom. In tolerating a situation in which two billion people survive on £9 a week, we are all implicated and all need setting free from the slavery of poverty.

This article explores this freedom, and the casual, underlying and root causes of poverty. Continue reading “Freedom from Poverty”

Love and Justice

“Love without justice is sentimentality,

Justice without love is legalism.”

God’s love in Action…

For many years the strap line for Kingscare has been, “God’s love in action”. Love is voluntary, and is an excellent motive for giving.

  • We need to be sure that our love is not condescending.
  • It needs to be more than just sympathy.
  • It must not be out of a sense of superiority.

We can stand alongside the Continue reading “Love and Justice”

My Dream

I dream of a day…

  • A Day when all the people of the earth will have a chance to flourish. When all, regardless of their background, will have the opportunity, through education and hard work, to enjoy the fruit of their labour. But I dream also of a day when those who are ungifted or disadvantaged will be provided for.
  • A day when the scourge of natural disaster, disease and famine will be mitigated by caring acts from of the rest of humanity. Continue reading “My Dream”

The kingdom of God is at hand.

We look around us and see a world in great need, and we look forward to a day when King Jesus rules over everything. We ask, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.

The question is, “when is this going to true in reality, and are we meant to wait passively for it?”

But the reality can be here and now. The kingdom of God is AT HAND. It is for now. It is amongst us. The complete fulfilment may be yet to come but it has already started. Continue reading “The kingdom of God is at hand.”

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