Making Britain great (again?)

Hope and glory

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the free,
How shall we extol thee,
Who are born of thee?
Wider still, and wider,
Shall thy bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty,
Make thee mightier yet!
God, who made thee mighty, Make thee mightier yet!

On Saturday, we missed the “Last night at the Proms” so watched it a few days later on “catchup”. Traditionally, the last part of the last night’s concert is full of patriotism, as they sing, “Land of hope and Glory”, “Rule Britannia”, “Jerusalem” and the national anthem. Continue reading “Making Britain great (again?)”

Should Britain leave the EU?

Britain and the EU
Should we stay, or should we go?

Should the United Kingdom remain a part of the European union or should we leave? This is worth debating, but the people of Britain need to look at the arguments for or against coolly and logically without the emotional campaigning by people, and a political party (UKIP), who have hijacked the issue.

If we had a referendum now, I must admit that I simply do not know how I would vote. I can see that the U.K. is probably stronger as a part of the E.U. but as well as being British, I regard myself as a World Citizen and do not easily associate with a group of rich countries at the expense of poorer countries throughout the world.
Continue reading “Should Britain leave the EU?”

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