Should we stay or should we go?

referendum 2The people of the United Kingdom are about to make an important decision.  Should we leave the European Union or should we stay in and try to reform it? I am appalled at the level of debate so far.

  • Scare stories about the economy if we leave.
  • Talk about an overcrowded island because of immigration.
  • Politicians insulting one another.
  • Total polarisation of views as though there weren’t good points on both sides.
  • Talking down the 5th largest economy in the world.

I have been undecided but now must admit that I have made a personal decision but this article is not meant to be a one-sided presentation or tirade against the alternative point of view.

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Should Britain leave the EU?

Britain and the EU

Should we stay, or should we go?

Should the United Kingdom remain a part of the European union or should we leave? This is worth debating, but the people of Britain need to look at the arguments for or against coolly and logically without the emotional campaigning by people, and a political party (UKIP), who have hijacked the issue.

If we had a referendum now, I must admit that I simply do not know how I would vote. I can see that the U.K. is probably stronger as a part of the E.U. but as well as being British, I regard myself as a World Citizen and do not easily associate with a group of rich countries at the expense of poorer countries throughout the world.
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