Capitalism – Curse or Blessing

capitalismKarl Marx obviously thought capitalism was a curse and considered that wealth should be controlled by the state for the benefit of all. But in an imperfect world communism failed to deliver and has virtually ceased to exist. Communism and capitalism are based on envy and greed respectively.  In this article we will look at the plus side, and the negative side, of capitalism and ask the question, “is there a better way”?

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For the beauty of the earth …


What a wonderful world we live in! God could have made us to see in black and white. We could still function but what a difference colour makes.

And what about music – how it enriches our lives!

And how could we live without love. Love from our families, love from our neighbours and love from God who wants the best for us. And we can love back!

Love and Justice


God’s love in Action…

For many years the strap line for Kingscare (the former name of  Karuna Action) was, “God’s love in action”. Love is voluntary, and is an excellent motive for giving.

  • We need to be sure that our love is not condescending.
  • It needs to be more than just sympathy.
  • It must not be out of a sense of superiority.
  • We can stand alongside the needy in the world, and stand up for them. That is where justice comes in.

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