Stealing people’s farms and livelihood

Land Grabbing

land grabGrabbing land from the powerless has been going on for centuries. In the past it was done by conquest. The Romans stole the best land in conquered countries and enslaved the local people to work on their farms. Settlers stole land from the native Americans in America and Aborigines  in Australia. European colonialists stole land from the indigenous population in Africa and elsewhere to set up their plantations. But land grabbing is still going  on around the world today. This article exposes some examples and calls for justice.

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Reducing poverty by Education

Picture of siblings living in extreme poverty ...
Picture of siblings living in extreme poverty in El Salvador. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To eliminate extreme poverty there is no magic bullet. The causes of poverty are many, varied and interdependent. Education is a key to lifting people out of the cycle of extreme poverty and preventing one poor generation producing another poor generation.

Of course, education alone is not enough. Childhood diseases prevent children attending school and undernourishment of infants can cause brain damage which prevents them achieving their full potential. Continue reading “Reducing poverty by Education”

A School in Kampala

A Classroom in Kampala
A Classroom in Kampala with temporary walls and ceilings

It was a hot, humid day. We were standing in the headmistress’ office in a primary school in Uganda. She was explaining how many of the poor families who sent their children to the school would not be able to afford to send their children to secondary school. I looked into the eyes of many of these children and saw that they were intelligent and willing to learn. The tragedy struck me then. These boys and girls could not progress further with their education which will mean that they would not get decent jobs and so one poor generation Continue reading “A School in Kampala”

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