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Slavery in 21st Century Britain

There are 27 Million slaves throughout the world. But before we, in Britain, point the finger we must ask why we tolerate 10,000 or more slaves in the United Kingdom today. We need stronger laws to rank human trafficking alongside kidnapping and murder. We also need more vigilance on […]

34 Slaves work for me!

If I told you that I have 34 slaves working for me, you would be rightly shocked. “What a hypocrite”, you might well say, “Fancy writing all those blogs about justice and compassion and yet using slave labour to support his life-style!”. I have just typed in some […]

Unthinkable by Kris Hollington


I recently wrote an article of the broken law enforcement systems in many developing countries and how the poorest members of society suffer violence and are effectively outside of the law. An apology is in order. I am about two-thirds of my way through a horrific book which […]

Justice for bonded labourers

Bonded labour is the most common method of enslaving people around the world.  A person becomes a bonded labourer when their labour is demanded to repay a loan. The person is then trapped into working for very little or no pay, often for seven days a week. Interest […]

Child sex slavery

This is a very difficult subject for me to write about. When I started researching I was so sickened by what I read that I only intend to write a short article and leave you to do your own research. Institutional slavery has been abolished in every country […]

Bangledeshi kids

Freedom from the slavery of poverty

Freedom The desire for freedom is one of the most basic human needs. Wars and civil wars have been fought to seek freedom. This article explains how extreme poverty, and relative poverty, can be expressed as a lack of basic freedom. Slavery involves a total lack of freedom […]

My Heroes – William Wilberforce

I have been thinking of people, current or historical, who have made a real impact and helped to make the world a better place. The first one to spring to mind is William Wilberforce who guided the anti-slavery legislation through the British Parliament. Not that he did it […]