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How much do you care about justice

People care deeply about issues of justice, such as sexual exploitation of children, modern slavery, education for all, corruption, unfair trade etc. I want to write about things people really care about, so I really want to know what you think. I would appreciate you spending 60 seconds […]

Unthinkable by Kris Hollington


I recently wrote an article of the broken law enforcement systems in many developing countries and how the poorest members of society suffer violence and are effectively outside of the law. An apology is in order. I am about two-thirds of my way through a horrific book which […]

Trade Justice

Fair Trade vs Free Trade This is not a full-scale article, but a preview of what I want to write more about. It’s only 6 minutes long but is well worth watching! Thanks Dan for sending me this link to this YouTube video. George

Seek Justice

God loves justice, and he longs to see a world where there is justice for all. Where the rich and powerful do not exploit the poor and powerless. Where the vulnerable, widows, orphans, disabled and mentally challenged receive fair treatment from the rest of humanity. Of course, God […]